Living Water

I grew up around bodies of water. Our home was in the hills of a subdivision of which we all shared a small private lake. On our way to town overlooked one of the largest body of waters in our state. To say I grew up on the water is accurate. From fishing, swimming, swim lessons, boating, ice skating and ice fishing. I didn’t have a love for the water like some do. I did enjoy it more from a far by looking at its beauty. The hills and mountains towering  over the lakes and reflecting its part back onto the water. We learned to respect the waters around us and the dangers it could bring. Swimming lessons upon swimming lessons were a given even if you could teach them. All get togethers from birthdays to weddings, picnics, reunions, and barbecues were surrounded by these waters. It was life as we knew it. Taken for granted.

When my husband wanted to purchase a boat and be out on the water recently I wasn’t excited. I didn’t really enjoy the water. It wasn’t my first thing to think of if I were to choose an outing. I’d rather go hiking and exploring on land. But it was a dream of my husbands and his late dad had the same love for being on it. So I went with it. 

Its funny how HE works sometimes. For the last several years I have heard Him whisper in my ears of water….Living Water!!

Whispering… “Look above the waves, focus on ME”! He uses a lot of songs to direct me and I think I have come across every wave, water, and ocean song out there that points to HIM! HE has showed me not to keep my eyes on whats going on in this world right now for too long. Yes, we need to not to be oblivious of the tribulations but we need to get back to our eyes being fixed on HIM. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. He has the whole world in HIS hands and nothing happens without HIM knowing. 

Whispering…” Stand firm and look at ME’! One thing that physically ails me is motion sickness the last 10 years. It was debilitating for about 6 years but has slowly been getting better. So a boat didn’t sound fun not knowing how my body would react. DIVINE is all I can say. I have not been sick once on the boat and we have been on some pretty rough water. One thing I learned is while standing up and keeping my eyes on the horizon I am more stable to the motion around me when we are on the water. When I take my eyes off HIM, my horizon, I start spiraling down to a sitting position unable to move because of the tribulations going on in this world. HE reminds me in Ephesians 6:13 ” Put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand, and after you have done everything, to stand.” Notice it says if you stand now you will stand in the end!

Whispering…”Perspective. You need to look at situations through MY eyes. To have a different perspective.” Whoa! That’s a lot a work….if you do it on your own strengths, ways and thoughts. If we are willing to search out HIS will, HIS ways he wants us to learn, He will give them to us. I didn’t want a boat, but I made a sacrifice for my husband to just go with it after I fought the idea for quit some time. One thing I have learned is that if you are diligently following HIM HE doesn’t just let time be wasted so I trusted HE would teach me “perspective” through our time on HIS  living waters. I get bored easily so I decided to go to the back of the boat and sit facing backwards and see where we had been, not where we were going. This is where I got my lesson in ‘perspective, a different perspective”. HE showed me where I had been and where He has taken me. HE showed me where we, my husband and I,  had been as a couple and have grown, where we had come from as parents and being done raising them but still guiding them, HE even showed me financially things are different as we don’t have a house full of children we are responsible for… so we can afford boat. I was so thankful for these reminders and revelations. I honestly felt a bit guilty having recreation time when our world seemed to be falling apart all around every one of us. As it was touching all of us in some way or another I was out on a boat. Not just recreating as I soon learned but  learning from HIM on HIS living waters. 

Whispering…”Rest in ME and drink from MY living waters…I want to fill your cup so that it is running over.” How humbling this is even when I didn’t understand the depth of it. Rest? Rest when the nations are out of control? YES! If we are looking around and not paying attention to HIM, who “charts our waters” or guides our journeys as pilgrims just passing through in this world we will not find rest. It was a bit windy out on the boat one morning and I was getting bored and let myself get distracted with looking at my phone, looking at the seashore and then the seagulls flying around when my husband yelled at me to “turn, turn to the left!!!” I turned left just as we were going over a huge wave that just about got into the boat from a side-wise angle. Not only did I not realize the wind was picking up and a huge wave was coming for us, I had gotten us a bit off course to where we had wanted to fish. If I was resting in what I needed to be doing and the surroundings I needed to be focusing on I wouldn’t have been uneasy (okay, fearful) of another wave coming our way the rest of the day in the water. Lesson learned in the natural and in the spirit! When we are resting in HIM and HIS offerings of filling us up to the brim that we are overflowing it doesn’t matter whats going on around us, we are at peace with the course HE sets before us. We can be at a resting state in HIM if we are in HIS will or looking to be back in HIS will. I am learning about this rest myself. I do believe HE isn’t just talking in general that we are too busy and need rest. HE is saying, “Come to ME, all who are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Rest with all HIS blessings and gifts that we need to stay the course, to persevere, to finish the race set before us…. “MY Living Waters of blessings and gifts so you are able to hold onto the crown of life.” He does not leave us empty handed wondering how were gonna get through these days ahead….as HE whispered to me “…I WANT to give you…”. He WANTS to give us blessings and gifts, it is there for the taking, so take it, learn to rely on HIS Living Waters.

Time is short- let HIM not find us sitting down in want. Let us allow HIM to fill our cups to overflowing and may HE find us pointing to HIM for all he glory! 

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