Revelations 3:11 “Behold, I AM coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown.”

I am reminded of a dream I have had on several occasions. I dream that I am living in a house and eventually discover a basement I didn’t release I had. It has boxes of  treasures of various kinds. Some are treasures I have forgotten about that I had. Some are newly discovered treasures. In one of these dreams I lay out all the items so they can be seen. I invite a dear friend of mine to come see them and she wants all the most valuable ones to which I gladly give her without question. I watch her walk away with all my best treasures and am weighed down with a great burden. I wake up distraught and hear His gentle words, “Why did you give your most treasured gifts away?” What? I thought I was suppose to share and give my best to others? He answered “I gave them to you… for you and for Me. So that I can do a work in you to glorify Me”. Oooooohhhh! Your talking about a different kind of gift. It was something I had never thought of. I still ponder on this and can’t wrap my brain around it completely. He gives me bits and pieces to this puzzle as he sees fits.

Today He has showed me the TRUTHS that I am to treasure deep in my heart no matter what others see, believe, or think. These truths set me free of mans thinking, ways and opinions. The truths that keep me going. The truths that give a hope I can’t explain nor need to cause they are little treasures he has given me. They help me to have courage to endure, to be bold to speak to others or to be silent when need be. The truth of who I am in Him that only He can see. They keep me going….or should, unless I give them away or hide them in boxes. They help me overcome!

Revelations 3:12 “He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go out no more.”

He is looking for overcomers. Ones who have persevered. Ones who have fallen but pick themselves back up and look to Him, to finish out their race He has set before them,  no matter what the world looks like. He gives us all kinds of treasures/gifts to help us be overcomers! Some he gives so we can freely give to others without question. Some He gives us to keep in our hearts that sets our friendship with Him apart from earthly friendships.

Ask Him today what treasures has He given to you? Ask Him to show you which ones you have hidden away in boxes that you  need to unwrap and use? Which ones do you hide in your heart for just you and Him? Which ones do you  share for His glory and purpose?


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