Into His aching arms

We all have longed for something, for a certain something that sometimes we can’t attain. We desire to have that longing come to pass. Ever since my first children were born and being raised I had a longing to have grandchildren. I am not sure where or how this longing grew in me, it just did. I believe God showed me how important it was to be a grandmother in His kingdom by passing on our wisdom and love that He had shared with us. Also by seeing some of my older christian mentors be such amazing Gramas.

Yes, I am a grammy to a beautiful 15 mth old girl. She is so precious to us. We do not know her well as they live a few hours away and time does not allow us to meet up as often as we would like. Our grand baby and her loving parents were coming to stay with us over night for Christmas. I was so excited the whole 2 mths before the time came. We all prepared for the moment. And in my mind I was creating moments with her that hadn’t even happened yet.

So the big day had arrived, they were to get in about 8pm, but the weather delayed them. So we waited and waited. Finally close to 10ish we see their lights pulling in. I think we literally sprinted out he door to see who could grab her first. She had been sleeping and was tired and cranky, only mom and dad were to suffice her. So I went to bed not with visions of opening gifts but of holding that grand baby of mine. Morning came and it took hours for her to feel comfortable to walk around by herself without feeling to nervous around us. We all tried. I tried to give her silly faces, silly sounds, loving touches, treats and on and on. I longed to hold her, sing to her and just love on her. My arms ached for my sweet grand baby. I finally got exhausted with trying and realized there was others to give my energy to. I had to move on.

Is this how Jesus feels? Are His arms aching for us to come to Him? To hear Him in that small, still and quiet voice? To commune with Him? To laugh with Him? Yes, he has an amazing sense of humor! To feel His presence and recognize His blessings He bestows on us? I know how I felt when my arms were empty and aching for my grand baby to love me back.

We had her for 3 days to ourselves in September, prior to Christmas, while her mom and dad were on a trip. She was younger and not so aware of the need of her parents as she was at Christmas time. We could console her, she needed us, loved us, and wanted us. So I knew how it was to be close to her to only have her change and grow in just a few months and have that wonderful relationship and communing be gone.

Is that how our Jesus feels? We are walking and talking with Him, needing Him, wanting Him and then letting go. We get busy, frustrated, maybe sinned and feel ashamed so we turn from Him. Or we just temporarily move on to “bigger and better things”?

I  think about those woman who can’t have children. The arms that are aching more than I can even imagine. Aching for not having their own children in their loving, tender arms.

Is that how our Jesus feels? Wanting to hold a child in His arms , whom He loves, and knowing they will never come to Him.

I got a glimpse of how He might feel with His aching arms reaching out to us, only to be empty. He created us and longs for a relationship with us. I love my grand baby…..but I am reminded in 1 John 4:19 that we love Him because He first loved us. If He didn’t show us love we would have never known what love is. He deserves for us to come sit at His feet. This reminds me of a few lyrics of Catherine Mullins song SIT AT YOUR FEET….”Just to sit at Your feet and stay here awhile, lost in the moment with You, breath in Your fragance and taste of Your goodness to know that I won’t be denied, I know I am not denied….and how I love You and how I want You and how my soul longs for You…..”

Don’t deny Him….Seek His face, fall at his feet, run into His arms…because He will not deny you.



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2 Responses to Into His aching arms

  1. Wendy Kleker says:

    I love this! Yes its wonderful to be a Gramma, yet painful when they grow into more interesting things rather than spending time with Gramma. Yet we love them, we cherish each moment with them. I never thought about Jesus feeling like I do for my Grands. And it will make me look at my time with Jesus a whole lot different! Thanks!


  2. Paigy says:

    This is beautiful Ruth! 😊


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