“This is My Story, This is My Song” Pt.2

Continued from Part 1…We all have a story. We can write our own story or we can let the Creator help us write it..or better yet ask The Creator what His will is for your life and ask for Him to guide you down it. Well, I can say I have done all the above.

I did not grow up in a Christian home.  A hardworking dad and mom, who were good people, raised my sister and I. They were baptized when they got married but that was the extent I ever knew of them to go to church. They knew enough to know that it would be a good idea to allow the neighbors to take us to church from time to time. We had one family take us to a charismatic Church full of the Holy Spirit and emotions and another neighbor took us to a Baptist Church full of strict rules and straight faces. I liked the churches enough to know I wanted to be a part of it so I showed interest by wanting to go to a lunch bible study when I was in elementary school. Not soon after making a choice to follow these church goers my parents moved closer into town and I had no neighbors to take us to church anymore.

My sister left for college and I was alone to watch my parents marriage fall apart. They both dived into their jobs and I was utterly alone. Alone. I looked for love in all the wrong places and did things to sooth my changed life. I got new friends who would accept me for whatever was going on with my life and things escalated from there. Those bad choices created a lot of problems but one of them was a creation of my first son. He was the light of my world. Something to hold very close and love. He also loved me back and needed me in ways I never knew existed. A year or so after he was born I started to get mixed up with the wrong crowd again, out of complete loneliness. One night after I dropped my son off to my loving older friends, I found myself high on drugs that I had never had before, my body wasn’t handling them very well so I asked for somebody to get me home. I laid there on the floor of my home shaking uncontrollably, in agonizing pain , complete fogginess and sheer sickness. I don’t remember if I cried out to God or He just showed up from His amazing grace and mercy……but He did, in the form of Jesus in His glory of light, I could not see who it was, although I could look directly at the glory of light, but just knew Who it was. He spoke to me in my mind and spirit and said “you have to stop doing these things now, you are gonna lose your son and you are gonna lose your life if you don’t.” That was enough for me.

After that I never touched drugs again or hung-out with people who did. The Lord started to bring Christians back into my life. I only knew God before this incident, I never knew who Jesus was. So we together started the journey of my relationship with Him, not just with God the Father……but Jesus the Son. And eventually the Holy Spirit. How could I ever be alone again when I got these three in one beings who want to be with me and live in me all the time? I had been writing my story and allowing others to all my life…but not anymore.  The Author of the universe was willing to write my story if I allowed Him to…and so I did. So the journey of a love story began……..and the song is still singing on.

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1 Response to “This is My Story, This is My Song” Pt.2

  1. Wendy Kleker says:

    Ok I finally found you Ruth M. Took several tries. I am reading your story and enjoying every minute! Very good. Keep writing!


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