“This is My Story, This is My Song…”Pt.1

We have all heard or said “the past is in the past” or “leave it in the past” or “move on, go forward.” These are all wise sayings, as they are true. I could give you a  handful of verses that confirms these sayings. However, the Lord does work in mysterious ways does He not? Isaiah 55:8 says, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts…”.

As I wrote in my first post on this blog, I have had to deal with physical elements in the past several years. After a time I started to try to regain my strength by doing light walking, slowly building up to climbing up our hill behind our house. Looking up at the rather steep hill, until I got conditioned, I knew I would have to take small breaks then move on till I got to the top. Till one day I could go without taking a break! Having been athletic in my younger years I always have enjoyed pushing myself with endurance…just  a little faster, just a little longer ect. So when I got to the point that I could walk up the hill verily fast, almost a slow jog without stopping, there was no slowing down. Till the Lord in His mysterious ways stopped me dead in my tracks.

In my spirit I heard Him say, “stop, turn around, and see where you have been.” Ugh, umm, okay, I guess. So I did as I was told. I seen that I didn’t make it too far, but enough to make a difference and also thankful that I could go that far. Realizing I needed to know how much better I was, He was healing me!! So moving on up the hill in large strides and being so thankful He brought to remembrance where I was physically not to long ago! Thank you Lord was in my heart. Then again “stop, turn around, and see where you have been.” Really? “Sit down!” He said. But I am almost to the top, I can sit down there was my thoughts. So because He is God , I obeyed. So I sat and waited for His voice and He slowly brought where I had been in my past and where I was now. I was so thankful for Him to remind me all that He had done and of course for speaking to my spirit. After sharing how thankful I was I moved on up the hill again. Ready to be up at he top and spend some more time with Him there. Just about 20 feet away from the top again He speaks to my spirit,” stop, turn around, see where you have been and listen to where you are going.” I obeyed, by sitting down. I waited for His still small voice this time, knowing at this point He had much to share with me. He reminded me of where I was , more about being brought up out of a bad past and shared of where He wanted to take me. Thank goodness I obeyed….cause He blessed me so very much by giving a small glimmer of light into the path He was taking me down.

I did finally reach the top… and you can imagine the sweetness of our time together up there on that hill. So it is good at times to remember where we have been, where we are at in present and  to remember past victories He has brought us thru.  This brings me to my story, the story he has recently asked me to share…..

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