“Just touch the hem of My Garment”Pt.3

So who do you identify with? I am a Christian, I can say, “I identify with HIM!” The writer Kay Arthur describes Christians as: people who have shuddered at the awfulness of their sin. They have seen sin for what it is: willful rebellion against the rulership of God in their lives. And in turning from their sin, they have embraced God’s only means of dealing with sin: Jesus or Yeshua

Who is Jesus? He is an Israeli Jewish Rabbi from the Middle East. He isn’t an Anglo-Saxon or an American, as some have made Him out to be. His identity is deeply rooted in the Jewish lineage.

His Story…..

Prophecy in Isaiah                                                                 Prophecy Fulfilled 

He will be exalted(52:13)                                                    Phil. 2:9

He will be disfigured by suffering(52:14,53:2)            Mark 15:17, 19

He will be rejected by many(53:1, 3)                               John 12:37, 38

He will bear our sins and sorrows(53:4)                       Rom. 4:25; 1 Pet.2:24,25

He will make a blood atonement(53:5)                         Rom. 3:25

He will be our substitute(53:6,8)                                    2 Cor. 5:21

He will accept our guilt and punishment(53:7)         John 10:11

He will be buried in a rich man’s tomb(53:9)             John 19:38-42

He will justify many from their sin(53:10,11)             Rom. 5:15-19

He will die with transgressors(53:12)                           Mark 15:27,28 Luke 22:37

He asks us…”Are your garments made cleaned by My blood, the blood of the  Sacrificial Lamb?”




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